Finding the time

Been looking at VSTs for Ableton to complement the presets I have for Adobe Auditon and Propellerhead Reason. Learning a lot and love the fact that I'm taking the best bits of each piece of software to enhance the final track. Processing power is no longer a problem, so studio sessions are zipping along at pace now...

If time was infinite I'd have laid down three tracks in the last week. Really frustrating having to balance everything going on at the moment. That said, I managed to squeeze in an hour's editing of the MC Ricko track last night and it's really finding it's bounce now. Sometimes the best laid plans pale in comparison to a random click of an effect button and this happened here. Created an amazing distortion synth out of absolutely nothing! I'm going to make it the opening track on the album as the vibe is perfect to set things off for the rest of the stuff...

I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come round. I've got loads of new toys I want to share with my mates but got to be patient. The tracks are really coming along now and because I've waited rather than spoil the surprises the end product already sounds much better. Please bear with me, this is the biggest music project I've ever attempted and the goodies will be worth the wait :-)

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