Matt Barker first started cutting up tracks and mixes from the age of six, chopping up segments of music, stuttering and looping what could loosely be called 'samples' using nothing more than a couple of conventional tape decks and a Casio keyboard Santa left for him. It was the impetus of everything that was to follow. He loved making his own music, creating synth patches and blending them together in unique and interesting ways.

In his teens, he pugged his keyboard into a home computer, bought a proper sampler and started started experimenting with sequencers. DJing became a passion, so he bought some turntables, taught himself to mix in key and got himself a residency. This was getting good....

Artists such as BT, Way Out West and Bedrock, blending breaks, trance and house elements with traditional arrangments, greatly inspired Matt. In the late 90s, he recorded a track called 'Earthquake in Eden'. He needed a suitable psuedonym to use, so chose Epicentre. The rest is history.

Initially focussing on original material, the Epicentre moniker developed his unique style of merging progressive house, trance, breakbeat and accoustic sounds, which has seen him produce tracks in a wide range of genres. Collaborations include remixes of cult bands such as Mardrae and Arcade, as well as likeminded DJs and producers such as Mono Life, Darius Korn, Definite Grooves, Carl Shawn, Phil Urry, Steve 'Disco' Newsome and Joel North of Miami's Radio Danz.

The last decade has seen a renaissance in Epicentre productions. He has garnered interest from as far away as Asia and North America, moved into film-making and is an avid digital artist. Creating his own music videos, Epicentre visuals have been supported by establsihed acts such as the global DJ and producer John Graham, aka Quivver. Epicentre mixsets have been broadcast on the UK-based music station Summer Time Radio, as well as a series of guest slots on successive NYE shows and the Miami Winter Music Conference Specials for Radio Danz.

Epicentre is also one half of the production team Seismic Waves with DJ Ali Rumba. Their work includes remixing artists such as Carlos Shawn plus classics such as 'Das Glockenspiel' by Schiller and 'Papua New Guinea' by The Future Sound of London.

Notable Epicentre remixes, bootlegs and collaborations include an ecclectic range of artists such as Sunscreem, Michael Jackson, BT, Leftfield, Everything But The Girl, Mono Life, Kat Sax, New Order, Imogen Heap, Quivver, The Rainband, Paul Oakenfold and Bizarre Inc vocalist Angie Brown.

Several albums have been released. After 8 years for painstaking production, SUPERNOVA was released at the end of 2012, with collaborations from Californian pop group Lovespirals, vocalists Angie Brown, Martin Finnigan, Julie E. Gordon and MC Ricko, Taipei producer Viba and Defender's guitarist Danny Malone. AFTERSHOCKS - a remix album of new an unreleased material by several producers such as Darren L, dVolution and Mono Life - was released in 2015. A third album, STARGAZER, was released in 2016. Tracks from these releases have received airplay on BBC radio, as well as internationally on several US radio stations and podcasts.
Over the last couple of years Matt has DJed at events for Curiosity, Evolve and Preach, held at the Old School House and associated bars and clubs in Hull. In between these, EPICASTS are streamed live on Twitch, then added to Mixcloud and other platforms.
In 2021, several more releases are planned, including a new EP from Seismic Waves and the Epicentre sound continues to evolve to this day.

"Be the change you want to see..."