The Studio...

This post's for all you tekky geeks out there, so give it a wide berth if you just wanna listen to the music!

Took a step back from production this weekend to concentrate on configuring the studio setup. Been trying…Read more

MC Ricko and the Robotic Stutter Machine

Spent all last night splicing, stuttering and vocoding the MC Ricko vocals onto the opening track of the new Epicentre album. Got a kinda Jaytech and Dinka sound going on with it and the energy is amazing! It's lunchtime and…Read more

Finding the time

Been looking at VSTs for Ableton to complement the presets I have for Adobe Auditon and Propellerhead Reason. Learning a lot and love the fact that I'm taking the best bits of each piece of software to enhance the final…Read more

Pieces of the Puzzle...

There’s a fundamental difference between making a standalone track and making an album. This isn’t just a collection of tracks bundled together - there has to be an introduction, a gathering of pace to the middle and a concluding end…Read more

The Power of 4

Made some real progress on one of the tracks for the album this week. Like a lot of the tunes on here it has a bit of a history with me and it's good to see it finally transferring from…Read more

Unfinished Business

Canadian DJ and producer Joel North is a good friend of mine. We've collaborated on a few projects, including the track 'Polaris' which featured on the Nexus EP, as well as submitting various mixsets to his radio broadcasts

We started…Read more

21st Century Collaborations

As far as studio sessions go, last night was treading on new ground

Phil Urry came round to collaborate on a new track, complete with his box of tricks. I plugged in my keyboard, fired up Reason and other sound…Read more

Snow Patrol Track Completed Tonight

Finally finished mastering a completely new version of a Snow Patrol track tonight, which will be licensed on the new Epicentre album. Feel like I've taken a snapshot in time and this tune really resonates with me no matter how…Read more

Something old, something new...

Still having fun making MC Ricko sound like a droid. In other news, I've been working on a hybrid drum n bass meets prog rock track, with a sprinkling of deadmau5. On paper it sounds like a train crash but…Read more

MC Ricko Studio Session In The Bag

Studio compadre Ali Rumba lined up a sample session with Ricko last night. After some cable issues were sorted out, went to work with Rumba on Ableton, Reason and Audition to morph them into pure evil and back again! There's…Read more

Epicentre Website Goes Live

Well the one-stop portal for all things Epicentre is born. I'm a proud Daddy :-)

If there's anything you guys can think of which will add some pizazz to the site, leave me a comment or send me a message…Read more