Pieces of the Puzzle...

There’s a fundamental difference between making a standalone track and making an album. This isn’t just a collection of tracks bundled together - there has to be an introduction, a gathering of pace to the middle and a concluding end, with the odd twist in direction along the way. In that sense it’s probably no different to writing a book or directing a film - and it’s a much tighter, focussed way of making music.

So I’ve taken a step back from producing tracks in isolation to see what pieces of the puzzle I’ve got – and it’s enlightening. Unbelievably, I’ve got 22 tracks in various stages of progress. Something’s got to give and I need to chop that number down considerably, but straight away I’ve also spotted significant gaps in the album that need filling to make the transition from each track work. That in turn has sparked the idea for two more tracks, but these will hinge key parts of the album together. It probably took about 30 minutes to take stock of all this, but it was a pivotal part of the creative process and one I wanted to write down to remember when it’s done.

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