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21st Century Collaborations 

As far as studio sessions go, last night was treading on new ground.

Phil Urry came round to collaborate on a new track, complete with his box of tricks. I plugged in my keyboard, fired up Reason and other sound apps. Then Phil booted up his lappy, wirelessly connected his iPad to use it as an input device with loads of music apps loaded up on it. We then transferred loops between Reason and Phil's Ableton by establishing a wireless network between the two computers, hooking both machines up to sync the output to my mixer.

After Phil went home, I worked on the Reason files and Phil did the same with the Ableton project file. We then established an online Dropbox account to share the files, which we can then sync up. Hot shizzle! Really looking forward to what tracks come out the other side....

Snow Patrol Track Completed Tonight 

Finally finished mastering a completely new version of a Snow Patrol track tonight, which will be licensed on the new Epicentre album. Feel like I've taken a snapshot in time and this tune really resonates with me no matter how many times I hear it.

Can't wait to share it with you all.

Something old, something new... 

Still having fun making MC Ricko sound like a droid. In other news, I've been working on a hybrid drum n bass meets prog rock track, with a sprinkling of deadmau5. On paper it sounds like a train crash but its freakin amazing! Finny - this has your name written all over it We can talk it over when we meet up in Leeds for the Rainband EP launch later this month :-)

Got a lot to thank Phil Urry for. We were the Hull equivalent of Deep Dish and BT, being classmates at school who lost touch, then met up again though a mutual passion for DJing and music. If I didn't know Phil, I wouldn't know most of the DJs and producers I've had the pleasure of working with over the last 5 years or so. I've remixed his tracks and he's remixed mine, so next thing to tick off the To Do list is a proper collaboration. Next Thursday's booked in and we'll see what we can lock down in the next week or so...

MC Ricko Studio Session In The Bag 

Studio compadre Ali Rumba lined up a sample session with Ricko last night. After some cable issues were sorted out, went to work with Rumba on Ableton, Reason and Audition to morph them into pure evil and back again! There's some promising material here and looking forward to splicing, dicing his vocal loops all over the place :-)

Epicentre Website Goes Live 

Well the one-stop portal for all things Epicentre is born. I'm a proud Daddy :-)

If there's anything you guys can think of which will add some pizazz to the site, leave me a comment or send me a message and I'll try n sort it out for ya.

Let's go play ...

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